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Marble Worktop Colours

A vast range of marble colours to choose from.

Having marble worktops in your kitchen or bathroom is a bold design statement you can make in the comfort of your home.

Commercial projects also benefit from this beautiful natural stone. Because of this, and because we love and respect good interior design, we try to offer a vast range of colours and material types in our marble collection.

Whether you’re trying to find kitchen or bathroom worktops, our experienced team of worktop specialists ensures that we have as many colour options as possible.

Standouts in that group (by popularity, at least) are the Black, Grey, and White collections. Our Green, Cream, or Brown options don’t fall far behind either.

Image Marble Worktop Colours 1

So what about the colour?

Marble is a natural stone; there’s no getting around that fact. But let’s get it straight, that’s what makes it special! 

For instance, picking a colour for your kitchen worktops won’t be as simple as choosing a solid colour for the walls. No matter what the finish is, what makes marble special is the feeling of luxury you get with it.

The patterns are alive; the veining you can get on these stones shows you its nature and adds a level of excellence that can transform your kitchen, bathrooms, or staircases into something completely different.

Marble kitchen worktops stand out, and they can make or break your plans if you don’t choose them correctly.

Image So What About The Colour
Image How To Work Out The Colours

How to choose the right colour

Let’s say that you’re planning out your kitchen worktops, the floors, cabinets, and everything else in the kitchen of your new house. How should you go about picking the right marble?

While you need to check all the important aspects like your worktops sizing, how complicated the installation will be, how many sinks you want, etc. – the colour is, in essence, the simplest of choices. 

The go-to move would be to pick colours that match existing flooring or walls. But, some collections have so many details that you’re not just picking the one colour.

Black Marble Worktops

Like all other marble worktops we offer, black marble worktops are rarely a pure solid colour of the night. You are more likely looking at a beautiful flowing combination of black and gold or dark blues with white veining throughout. 

The Sahara Noir Marble and the Zebra Marble worktops might fall into the same category, but they might also be from different worlds. 

They’re both stunning, mind you. But they certainly don’t mix well in the same house!

Zebra Gold Marble STW ZEBRGO

Zebra Gold Marble

£501 - £600

Zebra Marble STW ZEBRA

Zebra Marble

£501 - £600

Sahara Noir Marble STW SAHANO

Sahara Noir Marble

£501 - £600

Spice Black Marble STW SPICBL

Spice Black Marble

£501 - £600

Grey Marble Worktops

Grey marble worktops don’t stray far from diversity regarding the nature of their patterns. 

The broken-crystal look of the Grigio Collemandina and the Moon-like Grigio Di Luna grey marble worktops showcase that diversity perfectly.

Carrara Gioia Extra S7027 Marble STW CARGS707

Carrara Gioia Extra S7027 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia G943 Marble STW CARGG943

Carrara Gioia G943 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia I571 Marble STW CARG1571

Carrara Gioia I571 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia I63 Marble STW CARG163

Carrara Gioia I63 Marble

£501 - £600

White Marble Worktops

White marble worktops are one of the most popular colour category we offer mainly due to the simplicity and pureness of its surface and how easy they are to implement into a fully designed kitchen. 

But those surfaces can range widely, from minimalistic colours to complex patterns. No two pieces of marble in this collection are the same! The Bianco Delicato Marble Worktop is a perfect example, while our Special White Marble gives you rich contrasts between black and white.

Carrara Gioia Extra G124 Marble STW CARGG124

Carrara Gioia Extra G124 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia Extra P506 Marble STW CARGP506

Carrara Gioia Extra P506 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia Extra P564 Marble STW CARGP564

Carrara Gioia Extra P564 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia Extra Marble STW CARGIOS97

Carrara Gioia Extra 897 Marble

£501 - £600

Green Marble Worktops

A green marble worktop may be too much for some, but if there’s one thing we can guarantee, they’ll turn heads no matter how or where they’re used. 

If you need proof of that, you can look at the vibrant hues of the Verde Guatemala Marble. 

With such a rich green hue cover, your marble worktops will really make a statement.

Verde Levanto Marble STW VERDLE

Verde Levanto Marble

£501 - £600

Verias Green Marble STW VERIGR

Verias Green Marble

£501 - £600

Verde Guatemala Marble STW VERDGU

Verde Guatemala Marble

£501 - £600

Soft Jade Marble STW SOFTJA

Soft Jade Marble

£501 - £600

Brown Marble Worktops

Whilst initially you may think of brown as a more conservative choice of marble worktops, this really isn’t the case, in particular, both the Truffle Bronze and Picasso are real statement pieces that create a stunning look with their elegance.

Truffle Bronze Marble STW TRUFBR

Truffle Bronze Marble

£501 - £600

Picasso Marble STW PICASS

Picasso Marble

£501 - £600

Mocha Brown Marble STW MOCHBR

Mocha Brown Marble

£501 - £600

Narcisse Brown Marble STW NARCBR

Narcisse Brown Marble

£501 - £600

Image What Is Marble

What is Marble, and why should you consider it?

You probably know about marble as the classic material used by the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Ottomans – the list goes on! While there’s a lesser chance of you running into a beautifully crafted marble building, the beauty of this natural stone is ever-present in our society.

Marble is a metamorphic rock almost completely made of recrystallized dolomite or calcite. It’s also a porous stone, meaning it has literal pores running through it. Liquids or air can sometimes go through these pores, so it’s advisable to choose a well-made worktop for your home – which is where we step in.

Still, marble’s luxury makes it incredibly popular, and it’s often chosen over the likes of granite or quartz worktops. Of course, these two titans of the stone industry are still amazing choices.

Is Marble a good choice for Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Marble is one of those materials that adds a showroom-like quality to any project, whether big or small. A Marble worktop will elevate your kitchen design and keep it modern for years to come. Our affordable prices and excellent customer service will also simplify your life (at least when it comes to the bathroom or kitchen plan).

You need to think about what finish you want

Marble is, as a material, a pretty durable choice for most projects! But going for high-quality marble worktops for your kitchen or bathroom usually means that more maintenance will be involved if you don’t consider the finish.

Real marble worktops come in two finishes: a honed matte or polished and shiny. Both finishes look amazing, especially when they’re well implemented into the overall design. But, there’s more to main this choice than just the looks.

Polished Vs. Matt finish

First of all, water will inevitably find its way onto your stone worktops, along with pretty much every other spice, liquid, and food out there.

But if you go for a honed matt look, it will creep its way into the pores as well. This can cause slight damage to the surface of the marble worktops over time.  A matt finish will also show much more wear and tear in the forms of small dings and starches, though this relies on where and how the marble is used.

A beautiful hotel or office-building reception with a marble worktop will look much better after a few years when you compare it to a kitchen worktop used daily. Something along the lines of quartz worktops is more durable because of the exact opposite reason, as they’re made of non-porous materials.

The simple way to look at it is this: A polished marble look comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s more resilient to wear and tear. The matt look is cheaper and easier to make, but it’s not the best option if you plan on using it for kitchen worktops that will take a daily beating!

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