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We only source stone that comes with its own guarantee, which is typically 10 years or more and we have a dedicated workforce to fully support and rectify any issues that may arise. We guarantee that every project we undertake will be installed with first class workmanship and with the upmost care and attention to detail. We highly value client recommendations so every job is taken as seriously as the next.


Every Solid Stone Worktops Ltd worktop comes with a 10 year manufacturing warranty This protects you against any invisible manufacturing defects that present themselves within the lifetime of the warranty, ensuring your piece of mind.

In addition we also protect against staining which has occurred through reasonable, normal proper use as a domestic work top following the guidelines provided below. In the event of a successful warranty claim Solid Stone Worktops Ltd will use reasonable endeavours to repair or replace the defective component (or the part of the component which is defective if not the whole) with granite as closely matched as possible to those of the product originally supplied. 

Variation does and will occur in the pattern characteristics colour and graining in the material as granite is a natural product. Liability cannot be accepted for any disparity in the colour graining or pattern of the material.


2.1 Any warranty claim by any person other than the original purchaser. This warranty is not assignable or transferable.

2.2 Any warranty claim other than by a person as a private individual who is registered in all respects in accordance with clause 1 above.

2.3 Any warranty claim outside a period of 10 years from the date of completion of installation of the worktop.

2.4 Any claim arising wholly or in part from improper use, use of the product for any purpose for which it is not intended, any use other than as domestic work surface or where installation was by a third party not specifically belonging the Company’s approved installer scheme at the date of installation.

2.5 Any warranty claim arising wholly or in part from failure to observe the care and maintenance provisions at clause 3 below or from exposure of the product outdoors.

2.6 Any warranty claim arising wholly or in part from any natural disaster or from damage caused by interaction with any product or other cause beyond the Company’s control.

2.7 Any claim for consequential loss including but not limited to damage to other products or installations or in connection with any additional supplementary repairs in connection with plumbing electricity building or decoration work arising as a result or in connection with any replacement of the granite product.

2.8 Any warranty claim in respect of any matter which is apparent at the date of completion of the installation of the granite surface or which would have been apparent on any reasonable inspection. You will be deemed to have carried out a reasonable inspection of the goods at the time of completion of the installation and in registering for the warranty you confirm that that is the case.

2.9 Any warranty claim where the product supplied is “leather finished” or “textured” granite.

2.10 Any warranty claim subsequent to any repairs and/or manipulations of the product without prior written verification by the Company.

2.11 Any claim for loss costs expenses or damages in excess of the physical repair or replacement of the defective product.

2.12 Any warranty claim which is made in excess of 30 days after the defect or staining has first become evident.

2.13 Any warranty claim which is not accompanied with the original invoice or sales receipt indicating the date of sale and the name of the product installer.

2.14 Any warranty claim involving false incomplete or illegible information.

2.15 Any warranty claim by a registered owner who is outside England Scotland and Wales or where the granite surface is outside England Scotland and Wales.

2.16 Any warranty claim in respect of a granite surface other than one installed permanently in a residential property.

2.17 Any warranty claim in respect of any granite product used for vanity units flooring paving or any commercial or external purpose.


For the protection of your granite surface Solid Stone Worktops Ltd recommends the regular use of the specialist maintenance kit which can be obtained from your kitchen retailer. The following information will help preserve the properties of your granite surface. Observance of the care and maintenance schedule here is essential for the continued validity of your Warranty:

3.1 Your granite work surface has been treated with a specialist impregnator as part of the manufacturing process prior to delivery. Extra care should be taken to remove all spills immediately from the surface for the first three (3) weeks following installation to allow the impregnator to cure to give maximum protection to the granite.

3.2 Do not place objects recently removed from heat onto your granite surface. Hot oils, sugar etc can cause staining; use a surface designed for such purpose. Granite can withstand elevated temperatures but extreme heat may cause damage.

3.3 Avoid rubbing or knocking objects on the edges of the granite product.

3.4 Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring powders, stripping agents, caustic soda, bleach, solvents, concentrated disinfectants or chlorine-based products on your granite worktops.

3.5 Do not use grease removers on your granite surface. Remove spills as soon as practical and clean with warm soapy and water and buff dry with a clean, soft cloth.

3.6 Do not carry out any hammering operation or drop any heavy or pointed objects onto your granite surface. Whilst granite is a hard material it can be damaged by mechanical pressure and abrasion. Using your granite worktop as a cutting surface will cause dulling of the polish; we recommend the use of a chopping board.


4.1 Our work surfaces have a high heat resistance in comparison with other stone worktops. However, a trivet/worktop board are always to be used for chopping/hot pans. Never place anything warm/hot directly on the surface.

4.2 Quartz is durable and non-porous therefore no sealant is required making it easier to maintain compared to other solid stone work surfaces

4.3 Food staining can occur and worktop saver should be used always to combat possible stains.

4.4 This engineered stone is 95% raw quartz mixed with other materials such as resins, polymers and dyes which contribute to deliver a durable and non-scratch surface.

4.5 Quartz requires simple cleaning with a damp cloth using gentle non-bleach products meaning it is easy to maintain. Only gentle products like hot- soapy water are recommended. (Do not use bleach/silicone/ammonia based cleaning products).

4.6 Only use soft dish cloths or fabrics to clean. Abrasive sponges such as steel based pads are not recommended as it may graze the surface.

4.7 It has a uniform colour unlike other work surfaces providing consistency in colour and pattern.

4.8 Quartz work surfaces should be wiped down immediately after use.

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