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Cheap Quartz Worktops

Quality quartz countertops that don't cost a fortune.

The market for kitchen countertops has definitely expanded, allowing homeowners to choose between a wide range of materials.

Quartz worktops happen to be the most commonly favoured by UK homeowners over recent years. 

This material, when professionally installed, can turn around your kitchen area completely, giving it a contemporary and stylish look.

Are you looking for cheap quartz countertops for your kitchen? 

If you are, then you’re at the right place. We’ll be covering cheap quality quartz options for your project and explaining the cost variations.

Image Kitchen Countertops

The Origin of Quartz

Image The Origin of Quartz

Where does quartz come from?

Quartz is a mineral that is found in the Earth’s crust; more precisely, it’s one of the most abundant minerals out there. Its resistance has kept it present on our surfaces for billions of years.

This rock can be found all over the world, but the most notable places where it was detected were the following points on the world map:

Quartz Worktops:
A Part Of Your Home

Quartz is a popular countertop material in homes around the globe. This engineered stone is successful in serving the purpose as a surface material for your kitchen worktops.

These worktops are made from 93% quartz, while the other 7% is a mix between binder and colour. The result is a heat-resistant, clean finish for your kitchen.

This material is well-known for its durability, and choosing the perfect one for your home ensures years of worry-free service.

Image Quartz Worktops

How Much Do Cheap Quartz Kitchen Worktops Cost in The UK?

Going down the road of shopping for quartz surfaces, we encounter different opinions. Homeowners differ in their tastes, “must haves”, and budget plans, but the question that gets asked time and again are:

How much does a quartz slab cost?

What is the average price of quartz worktops?

Frankly, it’s not a question that has only one answer. The price of any worktop materials depends on many things, starting from the colour range, quality, kitchen size, and so forth.

However, we’re able to give you an idea of costs for your project. A quartz worktop (installation included) is in the price range between £200 and £900+ per square metre. 

Let’s put this into perspective. To install quartz surfaces in a medium-sized kitchen, the final cost can be anywhere between £2,000 and £5,200+ which can be a lot for some.

Image Quartz Slab Cost
Image Quartz Worktops The 3 Bs

Quartz Worktops: The 3 B's

The quality and brand of the quartz you go for is the strongest predictor of the end price. There are three categories for quartz worktops prices. Let’s look at their average prices:

These breakdowns are drawn from the installation price range, which is typically between £300 – £750. During the installation process, you’ll realise that the costs tend to be around 20%-40% of the aggregate price. 

A rule of thumb would be that the installation costs are 30% of the material cost.

How much is the cheapest quartz countertop?

Quartz worktops of the lowest quality won’t generally exceed £200 per square meter.

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5 Quartz Worktop Factors
That Cause Variations in Price

As we mentioned, the cost of quartz worktops is not uniform. Instead, there are a couple of key factors that cause the price to go up and down.

Countertop & Kitchen Size

The average worktop cost for quartz would be £450m/2; however, the total cost depends on one obvious factor: the worktop size and your kitchen.

Here’s a breakdown of costs:

Edge Finish

Choosing the finish can also alter the price. 

Most worktops have a square or flat edge, which is a standard one. Fewer of them have a rounded or bullnose one, which means an extra costs on the fabrication process as more time is spent creating the edging.

Cut-outs / Drainer grooves

Most people will require some form of cut-outs on their worktop to enable items such as taps, sinks and cooking appliances to be seamlessly integrated. The number of cut outs will impact the overall price as will drainer grooves.

Extra costs: Islands, Splashbacks, and Sinks

If you’ve got an island in your kitchen, and you want quartz for that as well, you will need to factor in additional budget. If you want waterfall sides then that’s extra too.

Installing quartz on kitchen islands can cost £800 on average dependant on the size and stone finish choice.

Splashbacks or wall panels will add to your final bill also.


The colours and finish of your quartz worktops can also impact their price. The process that involved in creating quart worktops enables manufacturers / brands to add unique styles to the end product which impacts the overall price. 

The reason for this is that some colours and designs are harder/easier to achieve during the manufacturing process, which naturally impacts the worktop’s total cost.

Installation Costs

Different manufacturers and suppliers have different installation costs. That’s why it’s important to explore carefully and ensure there aren’t any additional costs that you weren’t aware of as this of course will add to the overall cost.

Most Popular Quartz Slabs In The UK

If you’re looking for budget-friendly quartz worktops, we’ve narrowed down the choice for you. Here are our top picks:

Ice Branco

Ice Branco

Ice Branco quartz worktops are quite popular at the moment.

The pure white base of this quartz worktop mixed with elegant off-white specks and flecks add to its modest and clean look. 

It goes well with modern kitchen cabinets and can be used in commercial and industrial bathrooms.

Starlight Black

Starlight Black

Starlight Black quartz worktops are a classic.

These heat resistant worktop surfaces will be a breath of fresh air to any kitchen style.

The design of this quartz absorbs light and creates a dazzling reflection for your kitchen worktops, islands, or splashbacks.

Ivory Carrara

Ivory Carrara

Ivory Carrara is another beautiful finish for your kitchen work surface.

This quartz worktop exudes a dazzling white colour with grey undertones, providing homeowners with a simple yet attractive design.

With minimal maintenance, you can count on this quartz worktop to last a lifetime.

Blues In The Night

Blues In The Night

As the name suggests, Blues In The Night is a black quartz worktop with little blue specks that span all over.

This striking design is perfect for kitchen worktops, although some may also use this durable material for bathroom countertops.

The blue specks add depth and character to this worktop.

Carrara Piccolo

Carrara Piccolo

Next on the list for quality quartz worktops is this mosaic-inspired worktop.

Piccolo Carraras’s beauty is the darker colour of the vein that goes over the entire worktop.

The subtle shade makes it adaptable to different kitchen styles.

Gris Eclipse

Gris Eclipse

Homeowners looking for a bright kitchen worktop with veining that will make your kitchen appear larger, Gris eclipse can ensure that.

It offers a luxurious yet contemporary look. For maintenance, a sponge or non-abrasive cloth will do.

How To Find Cheap Quartz Worktops?

Surprisingly enough, there’s a way for you to find cheap quartz kitchen worktops. It won’t drastically lower the cost, but we’re sure it’ll help those on a stricter budget. Here are the steps you can take in pursuing cheap kitchen worktops.

Get Three Quotes

There’s a vast array of suppliers and installers in the UK, both online only and on the high street.

It’s best to get a minimum of three quotes for the exact same product so you can compare correctly. Bear in mind that quotes from ‘high street’ retailers such as Howdens or Wren will come at a premium normally. 

Travel costs for the installation team or access issues can also have an impact on the price so you’ll need to factor this aspect in as well.

You can get one of those quotes by clicking the ‘Get a Quote’ button below and / or browse our selection of worktops by clicking the ‘Find my Worktop’ button.

Come Up With A Rough Estimate Yourself

Before you decide to tear down your old one and build yourself a new kitchen with quartz stone, it won’t hurt to come up with your own estimate and see where you’re at.

How to do that?

Go to your kitchen (or your plans), and take a measuring tape with you. Measure the area in your kitchen where you’d like to install quartz worktops. Measure the length and width, and multiply to get the Square Metre then apply the material of choice Square Metre price.

You can then add 20-30% on top for the installation process and add around 5-10% for any cut-outs you think you’ll need.

Quartz Width, Length & Thickness

DIY, Or Not?

Should you install this kitchen worktop type on your own, or not? Although you can install quartz worktops yourself, it’s not something we recommend unless you’re a skilled trades person.

Quartz is certainly not fragile, but you still need to be extra careful with it. This hard-wearing worktop can easily damage surrounding objects if not properly handled. Also, your precision needs to be on-point – to the millimetre to get that seamless finish you want.

Our most sincere recommendation is to refrain from installing yourself as it’s clearly not a one-person job and requires a team of experts.

Marble Worktops Quartz Benefits

The Most Popular Brands For Cheap Quartz Worktops

If you don’t know where to start your research for your dream kitchen worktop style, we recommend checking these brands:

Solid Stone Worktops Logo

SolidStone Quartz Worktops

If your primary concern is to stay within a certain budget, SolidStone quartz worktops are the perfect option for your home interior with a wide range of designs and finishes to choose from.

Overall, SolidStone offers a more affordable / cheap quartz worktops option that provides homeowners with lots of different colours that will match your desired “aesthetic,” while maintaining a high quality at the same time.

Cimstone Logo

ÇimStone Quartz Worktops

Çimstone are a Turkish brand that offer a great selection of colours and finishes which are priced in the low to mid range. 

The variety of designs and colours make Cimsotone quartz worktops a good choice, as they can fit right in any style or decor.

Silestone Logo

Silestone Quartz Worktops

This brand offers over 60 different quartz worktop designs. It’s the #1 brand in almost every catalogue, and its high-quality countertops help hold the title. 

Silestone is a stone primarily made of quartz, making it highly durable. It is the go-to option for kitchen worktops alongside everything else, such as tile or sinks. 

However, the thing that genuinely makes Silestone worktops the most outstanding choice is the colour variety. Some types of quartz come in limited colours, but not Silestone – as Silestone quartz worktops colours vary – from monochromatic shades to vivid colours.

Technistone Logo

Technistone Quartz Worktops

This brand might be the closest to your budget. They offer a wide variety of worktops, with affordable price tags, satisfactory quality, and durability. 

They pay special attention to the detail of worktops, and that’s what makes them stand out in the market.

Why Should You Consider Quartz Worktops?

Some would argue that the benefits of this worktop exceed others., so let’s check what makes this worktop material stand out:

Image Consider Quartz Worktops

Highly Resistant & Non Porous Material

Quartz worktops are non-porous, meaning that you can do all your cooking without a care in the world. Unlike granite worktops, which need to be sealed, quartz worktops don’t require any additional work.

Low Maintenance

The non-porous feature also contributes to the maintenance of this worktop. Unlike natural stones, which require special care, quartz is extremely easy to clean. All you need is a wet cloth and soapy water.


Because it’s mostly manufactured, it’s much easier to find the pattern that goes with your interior design and complements your kitchen equipment. Quartz worktops come in all sorts of colours and patterns.

Caring for A Quartz Worktop

The quest for cheap quartz worktops can be daunting, so we decided to spare you the unnecessary research. These worktops are a widespread option in a majority of households in the UK and worldwide. 

Unlike granite, this is not a 100% natural stone; therefore, it provides the customer with a much greater choice of designs, patterns, and sizes. 

There are literally hundreds of different quartz colours and styles that will match your desired kitchen aesthetic. The most popular colours are black, white, brown, etc.

If your goal is budget-friendly and trendy, then check out Starlight Black Quartz, Bianca Stella Quartz, Boreas Quartz, Starlight White Quartz and Arcadia Quartz.

These are all popular choices of cheap quartz worktops. The average cost of these worktops is £200 and £300 per square metre. 

However, the overall cost depends on many factors, and you can actually navigate cheap quartz worktops by shopping around, doing your estimates, and, of course choosing wisely.

This material is stain resistant, non-porous, and, most importantly, hassle-free.

If you’re looking for new worktops and want quartz for your kitchen, we’re here to help you get the best and cheapest quartz worktop prices.

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