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White Quartz Worktops

A Timeless Classic That Never Fails To Impress

Quartz worktops are growing in popularity daily, as they can complete any kitchen design. Natural stones are a good option for worktops as they can withstand regular wear and tear, but it is vital to pick out something that fits your new kitchen.

Quartz worktops are so popular because they are non-porous, scratch-resistant, and highly resistant to heat.

All that makes quartz kitchen worktops very durable and trendy, which is why this natural stone is the favourite choice of many people.

If you are considering getting quartz surfaces for your home, keep reading for the complete overview on natural quartz.

Popular White Quartz Worktops


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Recent Projects - White Quartz

Ice Branco

A popular choice from Classic Quartz and an exquisite natural looking stone that boasts a bright, sparkling white colour that radiates sophistication and elegance. 

Its pure, snow-like hue makes Ice Branco a popular choice for interior design projects, especially for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and wall cladding.

Branco Cinzento

Branco Cinzento – An off white and popular option from the Classic Quartz range.

With a light grey tone resembling a granite look ensures a stylish look throughout.

Super White Quartz

Super White Quartz is a durable and hygienic surface material made from natural quartz. It is resistant to impact, scratches, chips, cracks, and dulling.

Super White Quartz is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms, where hygiene and durability are important and looks stunning!

Is White Quartz A Good Idea?

There are many reasons to choose quartz kitchen worktops over another worktop surface.

Unlike granite, which is a natural stone, quartz doesn’t require sealing as it’s an engineered stone so it’s non-porous and won’t stain – the perfect solution in a kitchen where spillages are common.

Because it’s engineered, you can acquire samples easily and try out different samples for your home to find the perfect shade and pattern for your kitchen style.

Whether you choose all-white or a veined marble-style worktop, these kitchen worktops are a classic option that always looks stylish and timeless and delivers that showroom look.

They can make your kitchen look spacious and fresh, opening up the room and reflecting the light to make it appear bigger.

This is ideal for smaller kitchens to maximise the illusion of more space, but it also works wonderfully in large spaces to enhance the feeling of openness and brightness.

White goes with any colour, so if you want to change up your colour scheme at a later date, you can do so safe in the knowledge that your quartz worktop will still match your kitchen design and go with the units you have in place.

Homeowners tend to choose quartz worktops because they offer incredible durability. They’re able to stand up to wear and tear really well and resist scratches and chips, no matter what style you choose.

Quartz worktops come with long warranties as a result of this durability, especially when compared with granite worktops which tend to only be warranted against manufacturing problems or installation errors.

Natural stone has variations in the colours and patterns, because it’s a natural product, but with engineered materials such as quartz, you can be confident in what you’re getting.

There’s consistency between slabs which makes the process of shopping for your new worktop much easier and ensures a smoother installation process with professional results.

But just because quartz is a manmade material doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer any customisation options, so you can still choose different finishes and edge treatments to make your worktop entirely bespoke.

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Are White Quartz Worktops Practical?

A white quartz worktop is without doubt one of the most practical options for a kitchen.

Choosing a UK supplied worksurface is a decision that requires careful consideration, and there are several factors to bear in mind, from your budget to the colour and style of your kitchen.

But a quartz surface offers numerous benefits that makes them a low maintenance, practical and popular choice for every home.

One of the main benefits of choosing quartz over granite worktops or wooden worktops is that they’re non-porous so they’re highly stain resistant without the need to reseal them regularly, as you would with granite worktops.

You can place hot utensils and pans on them without worrying that they’ll damage or crack, and they’re ideal for busy kitchens or homes with young children, because you can cook without concern about spills staining the surface.

Since quartz worktops are a blend of natural quartz and resin binders, they’re incredibly resilient, hardwearing and scratch resistant, so you can enjoy using them without concern over their longevity.

This makes it easier to spend a bit more on choosing a higher quality white quartz kitchen worktop because you’ll know your investment will last.

One of the concerns people have over choosing quartz worktops is whether they will require a lot of maintenance.

They are very easy to clean with nothing more than warm water and a mild soap, so they’re easy and affordable to look after, without needing to purchase any special cleaners or chemicals.

It keeps your kitchen hygienic without you needing to spend a fortune on specialty cleaning products or put in hours of maintenance and cleaning.

Quartz worktops are not only heat and cold-resistant but they’re also incredibly tough and hard to chip or scratch, so you can prepare food on them and work in your kitchen with ease.

Quartz is one of the toughest materials in the world, so it’s ideally suited to a busy kitchen where you require practicality and robustness.

From red wine spills to chopping directly on the worktop or hot liquids from food and oils splashing from the pan, it’s all easy to wipe away with a quartz worktop.

There’s nowhere for germs or bacteria to thrive with quartz as it’s entirely smooth and non-porous, so you don’t need to worry about food particles getting lodged in the worktop or smells being absorbed.

It’s a hygienic surface that you can wipe down easily and cook on with confidence, thanks to easy maintenance. This provides you with peace of mind that your kitchen is as hygienic as possible.

Are White Quartz Countertops Good For A Kitchen?

Quartz worktops are perfect for any kitchen, whether you have a traditional home or you love a more modern look. There are options to suit all budgets, from cheap quartz worktops to luxury alternatives, and various styles such as white sparkle to choose from.

Quartz slabs are also made to fit your home, so if you have an awkward shape to fit the surface into or you’re trying to maximise the space in your home by fitting worktops beneath cupboards or creating a breakfast bar, quartz worktops can be cut to size and made to suit various kitchen styles.

As a heat resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant surface, new quartz worktops are beautiful yet hard wearing options for any kitchen worktop that will elevate your kitchen and add an elegant and stylish touch.

It’s a beautiful material that holds up to wear and tear thanks to its scratch resistant and stain resistant properties, and it’s incredibly versatile in terms of the shades and patterns that make it suitable for any kitchen style.

This ultra durable material can be a great addition to any home, with options to suit any budget or décor style.

Do White Quartz Worktops Stain Easily?

One of the many benefits of a white quartz surface is that they’re virtually indestructible, and that includes stains.

They are non-porous so they’re resistant to staining, whether it’s hot fat from a frying pan, red wine spills or ingredients cut directly on the worktop.

With a granite worktop, you have to reseal them every so often to maintain their non-porous nature, but as an engineered material, you don’t have this issue with a quartz worktop.

Quartz is the perfect worktop for any home, whether you love to entertain in your kitchen and need something practical for multiple people gathering or you’re a keen cook and want something that can be cleaned easily.

Easy to clean

Quartz is easy to clean day to day, so that spills and dust don’t build up. Spillages can show up more on a white quartz backdrop, compared to darker colours, so keeping them clean will help to protect the appearance for longer.

A mixture of soap and water can be used for day to day cleaning, using a soft microfibre cloth which will protect the glossy finish. Abrasive sponges and cleaning pads will cause microscopic damage to the surface that will build up over time.

Avoiding harsh cleaners and bleach will also help to protect the surface of the quartz. Once a week, use a glass cleaner for a deeper clean to give an extra shine and keep the work surfaces thoroughly clean.

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