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Statuario Quartz Worktops

A Luxurious And Affordable Choice For Your Kitchen

Statuario Quartz

An elegant and stunning choice for those seeking the luxurious feel of marble with the durability and easy maintenance of quartz. 

This beautiful stone offers a white surface with distinctive veining, replicating the prestige of the famous Italian Statuario marble. 

However, it comes at a much more affordable price point, making it an ideal choice for kitchen renovations in the UK.

Statuario Quartz




Price Range

Price Range




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One of the most notable characteristics of Statuario is its striking appearance. It features white or grey background coloration with bold grey veins running throughout the surface. 
This gives it an elegant marble effect appearance that closely resembles natural stone. Additionally, because it’s an engineered stone product, there are no imperfections or variations in colouring or pattern.

Quartz countertops are made from 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments, making the slab incredibly durable. The pigments are carefully chosen to create a variety of colours and patterns, including the striking white and grey reminiscent of the Italian marble. 

These worktops are not only visually appealing but also highly functional, resistant to stains, scratches, and water damage due to their non-porous surface.

Comparison To Other Types Of Quartz And Natural Stone

Compared to other types of quartz products this range of Quartz worktop finish typically features larger veins and bolder veining patterns which make it look even more like genuine marble surfaces. 

Compared to traditional marble surfaces however, Statuario Quartz  is a significantly easier material to maintain due to their durability against scratches and stains resulting from everyday use. 

Statuario Bello Quartz Worktop STW STATBE
Statuario Bromio Quartz Worktop MQZ STABRO
Statuario Maximus Caesarstone Quartz CAE STAMAX
Statuario Venatino Quartz CIM 820
Unique Statuario Compac Quartz Worktop CO UNISTA

Durability And Maintenance

These worktops are not only beautiful but also practical. They are easy to clean and maintain, requiring no sealing. 

This makes them an effortless choice for busy households. However, it’s important to note that while they are resistant to many forms of damage, they can be sensitive to certain chemicals. Avoid cleaners containing bleach and ammonia, as they can damage the surface.

Despite their durability, these quartz worktops are UV sensitive and not recommended for outdoor use. 

They are also quite heavy, meaning they may require additional structural support for some cabinets. But these minor considerations are far outweighed by the benefits they offer.

In addition to kitchen worktops, this quartz can also be used for floors and backsplashes, providing a cohesive and luxurious look throughout your home. 

With their stunning appearance and practical benefits, these worktops are an excellent investment for any home.

Statuario Maximus Caesarstone Quartz CAE STAMAX
Unique Statuario Compac Quartz Worktop CO UNISTA


Is This Quartz Expensive?

While these worktops are more affordable than their marble counterparts, they are considered a premium product in the quartz range.

What Colour Is Statuario?

These worktops are known for their white colour with bold grey or gold veining, similar to the famous Italian marble.

What Brands Offer Statuario Quartz?

Compac, Silestone and Caesarstone all offer their own brand versions of this classic worksurface design option. 

We also carry our own range and if you would like a sample for your new kitchen worktop please email us or get in touch for a quote. 

Our Process

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We’ll then manufacture your bespoke worktop, made from the highest quality materials, for a professional and long-lasting result to enhance your home. 

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Our highly skilled installers will fit your custom-made granite, marble or quartz worktop, ensuring a fantastic finish you can be proud of.

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