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Quartz Worktop Prices

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What is a fair price to pay for Quartz?

Currently, there is an abundance of available materials for your kitchen countertops on the market.

Quartz kitchen countertops, though, are the most widespread and most frequently purchased ones.

It’s not hard to understand why this is the case.

Quartz worktop manufacturers offer many different patterns. These stone worktops are low-maintenance, and quartz is generally considered a durable material. However, the price of quartz worktops can vary greatly.

There are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration on establishing a price here such as the the brand of quartz worktop you want, the size and any features such as cut-outs and drainer grooves and quartz worktop installation costs.

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What are Quartz Kitchen Worktops made from?

First and foremost, a brief introduction on what material this engineered stone is made of.

Quartz is a mineral that is found in metamorphic rocks. It also happens to be one of nature’s hardest stones, close to granite. Today, you can see quartz stones all over beaches. 

Although it is one of the most rigid materials in nature, it still needs a human touch to be turned into a stunning worktop surface.

Quartz needs to be bonded with binders or plastic resins to be usable as a kitchen worktop. However, its composition remains as natural as possible. 

Even after processing this stone, quartz worktops contain 90-95% quartz. 

High-quality worktops have a ratio of 93% quartz and 7% polymer.

Based on Moh’s Scale of Hardness, quartz has a grade of 7, making this stone one of the hardest natural stones on the Earth’s surface.

How it all started

It all started in Italy in 1963.

Breton, a company located in northwest Italy, officially started producing and processing this stone. 

Not long after, it licensed the process and expanded its business to 50 countries worldwide. 

As for the process, the natural stone of quartz is crushed and blended with other industrial mixers to create the worktop that is part of your kitchen. 

One great thing about these worktops is that they can be customised according to personal preference. 

The length of the process, however, depends on the patterns and colours used. The result is artificial, high-quality engineered, and non-porous properties for your kitchen.

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How much do Quartz Worktops cost?

The price of these worktops depends on several factors, but the approximate price of quartz worktops for a medium kitchen ranges between £1,350 and £5,400.

Based on the above factors, the total cost for quartz worktops can be anywhere from £1,350 to £6,000+.

Quartz Worktop Price Calculator

It’s important to highlight that this is only an approximate price of these worktop materials. The average cost for these countertops is £225 to £900+ per square metre. The price is generally calculated based on the size of your kitchen worktop area.

Small Kitchens

3m² of worktops

For small kitchen countertops up to 3m, the price varies from £675 to £2,700.

Medium Kitchens

6m² of worktops

For medium kitchen countertops up to 6m, the price varies from £1,350 to £5,400.

Large Kitchens

9m² of worktops

For large kitchen countertops for +9m, the price varies from £2,025 to £8,100.

We advise you measure the dimensions of your required countertops in detail before buying and then calculate the average price using the price calculations above to get a rough idea of expected costs and prices. 

Factors that affect the Cost of Quartz Worktops

The following are some of the factors that cause the variation in price for quartz worktops:

Quartz Worktop Size

Perhaps the most significant factor that affects the price of quartz worktops is the size you want to install. 

As expected, bigger worktops will cost you more money. The same applies to installation costs.

In addition to size, homeowners will have to decide on the thickness of their worktops. A thicker worktop will affect the price as more material is required.

For example, 20mm quartz worktop prices vary from £220 to £900 per square metre, with labour and installation costs included. 30mm quartz worktops on the other hand, are a bit more expensive and could range from £340 to £1,300 per square metre.

Take into account all measurements: thickness, length and width of the kitchen worktops you’re wanting to install as this will help you arrive at an approximate price.

Quality of Quartz Worktops

Naturally, the quality of these worktops plays a critical role in the price. Same as with size, the better quality you get, the more it will cost you.

Recently, the Silestone brand has taken the spotlight when it comes to quartz worktops. Although some of the options might seem expensive, we’d always recommend paying extra for quality kitchen worktops. 

Avoid poor quality and poorly processed quartz at all costs.

Here’s an indication of possible price differences per square metre:

For those who don’t mind spending big, the most expensive quality quartz worktops can cost anywhere from £450 to £900+ per square metre.

Finish Choices

For quartz worktops, you have the opportunity to choose between a vast range of different finishes and designs. 

As previously mentioned, the Silestone brand offers a great range of quality quartz but at a higher price. 

Alternative brands such as Cimstone, Silestone and Solidstone still deliver on quality for a more affordable option.

The most common finish for quartz worktops is polished gloss, which emphasises the texture and colour of your worktops. However, this is not the only choice. 

You can also go with a matte finish which is also referred to as honed. Here are the most common finishes for this worktop area.

Finish Choices Img

Polished Countertop Finish
Homeowners should go for a polished quartz countertop if they want to make their kitchen surfaces really stand out. Polished countertops have been around for years, and their popularity is not waning.

Natural countertop finish
If you’re aiming for a grainy vibe in your cooking area, then you should go with the natural finish. This countertop finish is a classic, and it’s easy to maintain.

Honed countertop finish
A honed countertop finish is also referred to as the matte finish, a newer and more popular choice among homeowners. It’s fit for you if you’re home aesthetic is minimalistic.

Concrete countertop finish
You can mix concrete with quartz by deciding on this finish. It is best suited for industrial style kitchens.

Rough countertop finish
To achieve a tactile effect and emphasise the texture of your worktops, go with this rough finish. It does a great job highlighting the slab designs, and adding to the depth.

It’s important to note that most of these finishes work for both granite and quartz worktops.

Location of Quartz

The price also varies depending on where you want your quartz worktops installed. If you have an island in your kitchen that you would also like to equip in quartz, this could increase the price by £800.

When we talk about location, we don’t just mean the interior of your home. Installing quartz worktops in London could cost you more than in the Midlands for example.

Your kitchen is not the only place where you can install worktops. You can choose quartz for your bathroom as well. The cost of quartz worktops for bathroom areas would naturally be the same.

Colour of Quartz Worktops

Also, one of the few critical factors that affect the price of all kitchen countertops, not only quartz, is the colour you want. Since this is primarily a mineral stone, it’s rather easy to assume that some colours are rarer than others. These are currently the most popular colours for quartz worktops:

Before opting for any of these colours, it would be best to consider your kitchen’s aesthetic and get a quote on a couple of different quartz worktop colours. 

It’s also advisable to order some samples so you can see how your preferred choices look in real life.

The Pros and Cons of Installing Quartz Worktops

Here are the pros and cons of choosing quartz worktops for your kitchen.

Wide Variety of Patterns

The thing that keeps homeowners drawn to this material is that both quartz splashbacks and worktops come in various patterns. 

From white storm to dark grey, homeowners have the freedom to choose the design that goes best with their interior.

Very Low Maintenance

Contrary to widespread beliefs among customers, quartz worktops are low maintenance. 

Daily cleaning of these worktops requires wiping them with gentle cleaners, warm water, soft cloth or a paper towel. 

The key is to use the appropriate materials for cleaning so as not to damage the surface.

Quite High on Cost

If you’re looking to install the best quality worktops in your kitchen, you’ll have to pay a premium price for this. 

Some brands are pricier than others, but generally the extra cost means higher quality.

Can I save money on Quartz Worktops?

Homeowners may not be able to save a fortune by choosing quartz countertops; however, there are ways for you to cut down on your costs.

The first way to “save money” is to consider less premium brands and expensive designs. 

If you’re already on a tight budget, there are some great alternatives to be had with brands such as CimStone and SolidStone. 

We’d recommend looking at alternative options for some of these premium designs – Gray Lagoon, Calacatta Taj, and Mystic Gray are some examples of good quality yet more affordable options. 

Whilst you may feel you could save money by installing worktops yourself, it’s advisable to seek a professional for this as mistakes can cost you a lot more in the long run. 

The installation process for these countertops is quite complex, so you need the correct tools and be a skilled professional with years of experience behind you. 

Our strongest encouragement would be to collect quotes from different suppliers that include the installation costs.

You might think that it’s a time-consuming process, however, it’s worth it if it helps you find a more accessible price.

The truth is, you won’t come across a large gap in price, but you will certainly be able to save a money. 

To see how much you can save, we’d be happy to provide you with a quote for your project. 

Quartz vs. Granite Worktops Difference in Price Img

Quartz vs. Granite Worktops: Difference in price

For a long time now, quartz and granite have been neck to neck in popularity. It’s not unusual to see homeowners torn between these two options when renovating their kitchen.

Quartz kitchen countertops, though, are the most widespread and most frequently purchased ones.

We’d argue that it’s the price difference. Let’s elaborate.

While quartz worktops will cost from £225 per metre squared, a high-quality granite worktop can start from £300 per metre squared. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to what look you’re after in your kitchen. Granite is a natural stone, and it can endure stains better. On the other hand, quartz is extremely resistant to heat.

Are these Worktops worth it?

With all this in mind, are quartz worktops worth the money? Definitely.

Installing a new quartz worktop in your kitchen is worth the investment. The durability of these worktops doesn’t lie, and they’ve got the most valued quality – they’re heat resistant, unlike other worktop materials that cannot endure too much heat.

Here’s something to bear in mind. Although the larger internet companies might offer you cheap quartz, the overall price won’t be so much different from your local stone fabricator on many occasion. 

On the other hand, designer grade quartz is likely to cost you more, but if it’s a specific look your after then it’ll definitely be worth the money.

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Final Thoughts

As a mineral, quartz has been present for a long time. Considering a quartz slab for your kitchen worktops is becoming a common choice for homeowners looking for stain resistant, extremely durable and, most importantly, affordable existing worktops.

It’s safe to say that by choosing quartz worktops, you are able to stay within budget and create a quality surface for your worktops and kitchen islands. The price, however, will depend on several factors: entire worktop length, location, colour, quality, etc.

The average price of quartz worktops for medium-sized kitchens goes from £1,350 to £5,400. High-quality / Premium quartz brands might cost even more. 

However, we’d never recommend settling for cheap worktop materials and if you do your research, there are good deals to be had. 

The most popular designs for your quartz worktops are: Artico, Bianco Luminoso, Crema Roma, Nero Luminoso, and so forth. There’s an abundance of patterns to choose from.

Although the purchase and installation costs might come out more than expected, these worktops are high-quality, stain and heat resistant. There’s also a way to save some money and still have quartz installed. For instance, you can opt for more budget-friendly designs and brands and of course, negotiate the price with your supplier. 

Lastly, we recommend comparing quotes from several different companies. You can get a quote from us by clicking the button below.

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