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Carrara Marble Worktops

The complete & timeless natural stone worktop

Regardless of people’s tastes –
the endless search for extremely durable Italian white marble worktops has been trending progressively.

Since 1920., natural stone marble made from limestone has remained a top choice worktop globally. However, the classic white marble has been used since the Roman Empire, applied in numerous ways and often symbolising high-end luxury.

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Carrara Marble

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Granite worktops might be known as one of the most robust type of worktops, but Carrara marble worktops are durable enough for your usual kitchen or bathroom setup. 

Their innate durability speaks volumes, as their sturdiness provides excellent longevity levels. Once your Carrara worktop is installed correctly by a seasoned professional, the marble worktop will server you well for many years.

A Carrara marble worktop has superb heat resistance, which will be handy if you need to place hot pans directly on the worktop. Although it can withstand most ordinary heat levels, we advise you to place a wooden board or heat proof mat between the pan and worktop.

As long as you pay close attention to the maintenance aspect of these worktops, you won’t need to worry about replacing them for a long time to come. 

The stone is naturally cool, making it suitable for baking, as food stuffs like flour won’t stick to it whilst keeping your ingredients at a preferred temperature.


In the UK, Carrara marble is imported regularly alongside other pivotal locations across the globe and large blocks are immediately cut into smaller slabs upon arrival.

Coincidentally, Carrara marble is fairly soft when compared to other types of stone material, making cutting and slicing them into various shapes and sizes a relatively easy process. 

Because of this, you won’t need to worry about meeting your specific requirements such as edge profiles, specific sizes and cut outs can be fabricated to your exact requirements. 

Edge profiles, sizes, upstands, cut outs for sinks or appliances and drainer grooves can be easily applied and manufactured to your liking.

Did you know that famous sculptors like Giovanni, Nicola Pisano, and Michelangelo used Carrara marble?

To achieve their finest artworks they used Carrara marble as it offers a level of quality that’s nearly unrivalled compared to most other types of marble.

Being quite versatile for all kinds of decors and offering an adequate amount of thickness, Carrara marble worktops are often seen as highly desirable kitchen worktops that can be utilised in all kitchen types.

Most individuals primarily think about the grey veining as the number one reason for their interest in Carrara worktops. Still, there are many paramount reasons why natural stone worktops need to be harnessed in bathrooms and kitchens alike.


Regardless of your main décor type – classical, transitional, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, contemporary, or country – a Carrara worktop blends in splendidly.

Dark and light colour cabinetry will excel in beauty even further when you pair them with marble worktops, as they will manifest an elegant surrounding for all types of kitchens.

Their surface provides a gloss and matte finish, which further proves just how easy it is to create an elegant environment in your kitchen.

Furthermore, if you wish to extend beyond kitchen worktops, Carrera marble can be used for flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even spas! 

Additionally, a Carrera marble walls can be spotted in some of the UK’s most luxurious and expensive properties.

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Best Selling Carrara Marble Worktops

Carrara Gioia Extra S291 Marble STW CARGS291

Carrara Gioia Extra S291 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia Extra P506 Marble STW CARGP506

Carrara Gioia Extra P506 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia Extra P564 Marble STW CARGP564

Carrara Gioia Extra P564 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia Extra S7027 Marble STW CARGS707

Carrara Gioia Extra S7027 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia Extra G124 Marble STW CARGG124

Carrara Gioia Extra G124 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia G943 Marble STW CARGG943

Carrara Gioia G943 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia I571 Marble STW CARG1571

Carrara Gioia I571 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia I63 Marble STW CARG163

Carrara Gioia I63 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia Extra M317 Marble STW CARGM317

Carrara Gioia Extra M317 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia Extra Marble STW CARGIO

Carrara Gioia Extra Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia Extra Marble STW CARGIOS97

Carrara Gioia Extra 897 Marble

£501 - £600

Carrara Gioia Extra Marble STW CARGC620

Carrara Gioia Extra C620 Marble

£501 - £600

In the country of Italy, this marble comes from Massa, Carrara. With a heavy accent on the quality and thickness, the Carrara Gioia marble offers
a unique pattern of grey colour veins which provide a stunning look to your kitchen. 

Alongside those patterns, the Carrara Gioia marble comes in different textures
and finishes, such as flamed, honed, sawn, and polished, providing you with bottomless possibilities when designing your preferred style.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will Marble Worktops last?

It isn’t easy to provide a definitive answer to this question – but as long as you take care of your Carrara marble worktops daily, there’s a high chance that it will last you a lifetime. The surface of this stone provides numerous benefits, most notably the heatproof capabilities, which further gives light to the topic of longevity.

How expensive is Carrara Marble?

Putting an exact price tag on a Carrara can only be achieved once several key factors are considered, such as the thickness, type, size (square metre), brand, number of veins, and much more. Still, people find themselves quite surprised once they find out the price, as it usually comes much cheaper than first expected.


Searching for your perfect kitchen worktop or a particular product whilst ensuring it’s durable, cost effective and looks great can be difficult when it comes to kitchen worktops.

That’s where we come in, we will do our best to meet your expectations by offering you a great price, great products and of course, great service when it comes to acquiring your Carrara marble worktops.

For further information or a quote, you can contact us by filling out our contact form or call us.

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