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How Quartz Is Made

A quick guide how Quartz Countertops are made.

How are Quartz Worktops made?

Quartz is a popular alternative to marble and granite and it can be used in various ways in the home, from bathrooms and utility rooms to kitchens.

One of the most common uses for quartz is for countertops. This engineered material first became popular in the 1980s, but the technology has evolved considerably over the years to become an incredibly beautiful and durable material for your home.

Quartz has a reputation by some for being a synthetic material, but this isn’t actually true. While quartz is manmade, it uses a naturally occurring material as its primary ingredient.

Quartz is mined from igneous and metamorphic rocks and is incredibly abundant, and it is blended with other materials to produce a highly impact-resistant material. High quality quartz slabs will be made with over 95% quartz, along with these bonding and colouring agents to produce what we know as quartz.

If you’re considering a quartz worktop for your own kitchen, you may be curious as to how they’re produced. In this article, we’ll go through each of the steps required to create beautiful quartz worktops, and why quartz makes such a great choice for a worktop.

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Quartz Manufacturing Process

Quartz Mine

Mining and processing the Quartz

The first step to creating a quartz worktop is to mine the quartz itself. Once the mineral has been mined it needs to be stripped from any stone it’s embedded in so it can be sent to be processed. 

From here, the quartz needs to be finely ground down so that it can be formed into slabs.

Depending on the finish of the worktop itself, the quartz can either be ground very fine like the texture of sand or coarser like gravel to produce different styles and textured appearances. In some cases, a mix of textures can also be used.

Adding the resins

When the quartz has been ground to the desired texture, the bonding agents can be added. This tends to make up between 5-8% of the overall composition.

The bonding agents can also include other materials such as glass or metal flakes, as well as an adhesive polymer or resins and pigments to produce each style and colour of quartz. 

This is how this incredible material can be made into such a wide variety of shades, from bright blue and yellow to natural tones and monochrome hues.

The resins used in quartz worktops mean that your work surface will be non-porous, unlike natural stones which need to be sealed to achieve the same result. 

This makes them easy to clean and more hygienic, but it also means that they don’t need to be resealed every year which saves you money in the long-term.

Forming the Quartz slabs

Once the resins have been added, the mixture can be added to a large mould to shape the materials into slabs. It will be thoroughly smoothed to ensure that all the materials are evenly distributed and there are no air gaps, a key part of the process in order for the slabs to retain their non-porous properties.

Several processes and tools are used to ensure there is no air in the surface, such as vacuums to suck out any air bubbles and vibrations to shake the loose stone and create a smooth surface.

It’s then compressed to form the slab, forcing the resins and pieces of quartz together under immense pressure to create a single solid slab.

Transformation into a finished worktop

Quartz is one of the toughest materials you can buy, so it’s perfectly suited to countertops and work surfaces because it can withstand impact, heat and won’t scratch. 

However, this durability and strength means that it requires special tools to work with it and craft it into your dream worktop.

Quartz slabs need to be cut precisely into the desired shape using stone cutting tools, but it does mean that you can have a bespoke worktop that’s perfectly suited to your own kitchen, with a highly professional finish.

Templating your Quartz worktop

Each kitchen is unique in its dimensions and layout, so it’s important that your worktop is also unique and tailored to your home.

Every quartz worktop is templated based on your kitchen measurements and the appliances you have in your home to create cut-outs that fit the room.

We craft worktops that are cut to millimetre precision that ensures that you have a perfect fit when it’s installed. 

Unlike softer materials like laminate or wood, quartz is too tough to simply drill through with regular power tools, so it’s essential that every hole or cut-out is outlined ahead of time so it can be reproduced in the workshop for the very best results.

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What makes Quartz such a great material for worktops?

Quartz is a fantastic material for worktops because it offers resilience, durability and a wide range of finishes and colour options to choose from.

Since the mineral it’s made from is so prolific, it’s a fairly environmentally friendly solution and while quartz worktops aren’t made from entirely natural materials, they offer so many similar properties to the likes of granite or marble.

The look of quartz is a great selling point for many people, because it can serve as a convincing alternative to marble or granite surfaces, but it’s also very durable and easy to keep clean which makes it well-suited to this particular application.

Whether you have a contemporary kitchen with all mod-cons, or a period property with a traditional kitchen, quartz worktops can be a beautiful addition that blends in seamlessly.

Silestone Lyra Quartz Worktop SS LYRA

Final Thoughts

As one of the most durable materials you can buy, an investment in quartz worktops is one that will last.

You can be sure that your worktop will have a very long lifespan, with minimal maintenance required, so it’s no surprise that it’s such a popular material for kitchens all over the world. 

We offer a wide selection of stunning quartz worktops in various colours, thicknesses and finishes, offering a range of options to suit your home. With a varying range of price options to suit most budgets, we’re confident we can provide you with a competitive quote for your project.

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