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Quartz Worktops

The classic choice for the contemporary kitchen worktops.

Quartz worktops are growing in popularity daily, as they can complete any kitchen design. Quartz is a good option as it can withstand regular wear and tear and provides options for worktops in many different styles at a competitive price.

Quartz worktops are so popular because they are non-porous, scratch-resistant, and highly resistant to heat. 

All that makes quartz very durable and trendy, which is why this particular material is the favourite choice of many people.

If you are considering getting quartz kitchen surfaces for your home, keep reading for the complete overview on natural quartz.

Best Sellers | Popular Colours | Quartz Brands | Quartz Benefits | Care & Maintenance

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Best Selling Quartz Worktops


Stellar Branco Quartz

£401 - £500

Urban Black Quartz MQZ-URBBLA

Urban Black Quartz

£401 - £500

Stellar Noir Quartz MQZ-STENOI

Stellar Noir Quartz

£401 - £500

Dior Black Quartz MQZ-EMEGOL

Dior Black Quartz

£401 - £500

Calacatta Lusso CQS Quartz CQS-CALLUS

Calacatta Lusso CQS Quartz

£401 - £500

Statuario Venato CQS Quartz CQS-STAVEN

Statuario Venato CQS Quartz

£401 - £500

Frozen Quartz MQZ-FROZEN

Frozen Quartz

£401 - £500

Snow White Quartz Worktop MQZ-SNOWHI

Snow White Quartz

£401 - £500

Plain Light Grey Quartz MQZ-PLLIGR

Plain Light Grey Quartz

£401 - £500

Plain Dark Grey Quartz MQZ-PLDAGR

Plain Dark Grey Quartz

£401 - £500

Calacatta Supreme Quartz MQZ-CALSUP

Calacatta Supreme Quartz

£401 - £500

Calacatta Supreme Leather Quartz MQZ-CASULE

Calacatta Supreme Leather Quartz

£401 - £500

Popular Quartz Worktop Colours

The list below details a range of our most popular quartz choices for your kitchen.

Blue Quartz Countertops

Blue Quartz Worktops

Opting for blue quartz could be viewed as a daring move.

Integrating this vibrant shade into your home’s décor necessitates a keen sense of colour balance.

The deep allure of this striking hue is sure to be a conversation starter in your culinary space.

There’s a spectrum of shades at your disposal. Whether you lean towards a muted blue-grey, a shimmering azure, or a soft sea blue, the options are varied.

The brilliance of blue quartz contrasts beautifully with crisp white kitchen cabinets. Yet, saturating your entire kitchen in white can overshadow the blue’s standout charm, diminishing its intended impact.

For contemporary homes aiming to fuse blue worktops in their kitchens, consider pairing it with backsplashes in pale blue, pristine white, or even sunny yellow hues.

Collectively, this choice infuses a refreshing design flair, seamlessly merging diverse elements. If a kitchen revamp is on your mind and you’re eager to make a bold statement, let this be your nudge in the right direction.

Brown Quartz Countertops

Brown Quartz Worktops

If you’re aiming for a timeless choice in selecting a material for your kitchen countertop, the enduring appeal of brown quartz worktops is a sure bet.

These countertops have consistently remained a favourite, captivating eyes with their aesthetic appeal while imparting a neat and organised ambiance to the space.

Their understated elegance is a significant reason for their widespread appeal.

Brown quartz worktops span a broad spectrum of shades. Whether you desire a subtle creamy brown that seamlessly integrates with your décor, or a bold espresso brown that serves as a standout feature, the choices are ample.

Modern designs often champion deeper brown hues, leveraging them to craft a distinctive statement in the kitchen.

Cream Quartz Countertops

Cream Quartz Worktops

Cream quartz worktops are almost as popular as their brown counterparts.

If your home’s theme leans towards timeless, understated elegance, then choosing sophisticated cream quartz surfaces should be a priority.

Remember, cream isn’t a one-size-fits-all shade.

The palette extends to harmonious blends of grey, white, and beige. Such worktops are quintessential for rustic farmhouses and pair beautifully with white backsplashes.

While cream is often associated with classic aesthetics, its tranquil hue can also find a place in contemporary kitchens, casting a welcoming and enticing spell on visitors.

Sparkle Quartz Countertops

Sparkle Quartz Worktops

An increasingly popular choice are sparkle quartz worktops.

These surfaces captivate with their shimmering flecks and the luminous white refractions, exuding a serene ambiance.

Sparkle quartz finishes are not only seen as a high-end choice for kitchens but also versatile in design scope.

Beyond kitchen spaces, they seamlessly transition as elegant flooring for bathrooms or as accent walls, making a frequent appearance in upscale commercial establishments.

And, with a range of popular colours such as white, grey and black all infused with that signature sparkle, designers have a palette rich in options for diverse aesthetic appeals.

White Quartz Countertops

White Quartz Worktops

In contemporary homes, white quartz is quickly becoming a sought-after staple and one of the most popular ranges we offer.

While some may suggest that caring for this quartz can be demanding, such views are often overstated. Despite its vibrant colour, one of its standout features is its fuss-free maintenance – it never requires sealing.

Much like its natural stone counterparts, quartz is impervious. White quartz countertops gracefully handle everything from lemon splashes, coffee drips, to syrupy messes – all easily managed with a quick clean.


Black Quartz Worktops

Black Quartz Worktops

Opting for black in your kitchen layout is synonymous with embracing “sophistication.” Contrary to the notion that black quartz limits creative expression, it’s quite the opposite.

Black quartz kitchen worktops present a plethora of design choices, textures, and motifs to the discerning homeowner.

Beyond aesthetics, these surfaces promise a user-friendly workspace and resilience against unsightly stains. While investing in black quartz might be on the higher end of your budget, the quality justifies the price.

Currently, the Silestone Eternal Noir, a premium black quartz with delicate veins, is gaining traction in design circles.

Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Quartz surfaces are becoming increasingly prominent in interior design discussions, gracing pages of Pinterest, featuring prominently on inspiration boards, and taking center stage in renowned design publications.

While there’s a prevalent myth that these gleaming quartz worktops are reserved for the most luxurious of homes, the truth paints a different picture.

Over the years, they’ve evolved from an exclusive luxury to an accessible choice for many homeowners. Their affordability does not compromise their aesthetic appeal; in fact, they effortlessly combine cost-effectiveness with a lavish appearance, making them a sought-after choice for those wanting to add a touch of opulence without straining their finances.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops 101 Sec Img 1
Quartz Kitchen Countertops 101 Sec Img 2

What type of material is quartz?

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, primarily composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Its crystalline structure can be found in various forms, from the hardness of granite to the softer textures of sandstone.

When people mention ‘quartz countertops’ in interior design, they usually refer to engineered stone. This is a blend of crushed natural quartz crystals and polymer resin binders.

Engineered quartz offers uniformity, superior strength, and resistance to stains, making it a preferred choice over some natural stones.

Quartz vs. other stone materials. What's the difference?

Quartz worktops, often referred to as engineered stone worktops, are created from a combination of crushed natural quartz and resin binders. This manufacturing process results in a product that is non-porous, consistent in appearance, and often more resistant to stains and scratches than natural stone.

Unlike granite, marble or quartzite (natural stones) which are cut from pure stone and can have natural imperfections, quartz offers a more uniform and customisable look, owing to its engineered nature.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops 101 Sec Img 3

Consistent Patterning

Produced in state-of-the-art factories, quartz surfaces provide an unparalleled consistency in patterning, which is one of their distinct advantages.

These manufacturers can craft countless unique slabs, catering to a broad spectrum of aesthetic preferences.

They have perfected the art of mimicking the appearance of natural stone such as marble, granite and even quartzite surfaces.

Unlike granite, where one might need to personally select the specific slab, quartz offers a dependable and consistent design without the need for hands-on selection.

Quartz Worktop Prices in the UK

It may surprise you to learn that unlike other kitchen stone worktop materials, quartz isn’t nearly as costly and often enables you to achieve the luxury look without making a huge dent in your budget. 

Quartz prices generally range from £280 and £600/m2. 

Typically the more established brands such as Silestone or Caesarstone are at the higher price point but often you can achieve a similar look with lesser know brands at a more competitive price point too.

Heat Resistant Properties

Revered for their elegance and durability, this choice of material also possess notable heat-resistant properties.

The engineered stone is a blend of approximately 90-95% natural quartz and a small percentage of polymer resins, providing it with a level of resilience against direct heat exposure.

Its composition ensures that it doesn’t easily discolour, crack, or warp when faced with moderate heat, making it an apt choice for kitchens where hot utensils are a constant.

However, it’s essential to approach quartz’s heat resistance with some caution.

Prolonged exposure or placing extremely hot items directly on the surface could compromise the resin that binds the quartz particles, potentially leading to discoloration or surface damage.

Cleaning of Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Known for their low maintenance and lasting beauty, quartz worktops offer a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Composed of non-porous materials, they naturally resist staining from common household items like coffee, wine, or tomato sauce.

A simple wipe down with a soft cloth or sponge, dampened with warm water, usually suffices to remove everyday spills and messes.

For stubborn residues, a gentle dish soap can be added to the cleaning regimen, ensuring the surface remains spotless and retains its shine.

Despite its robust nature, it’s essential to avoid abrasive scouring pads or harsh chemicals when cleaning quartz worktops.

Such materials can dull the surface or harm its finish. Steering clear of bleach and alkaline solutions ensures the longevity of the countertop’s sheen. 

Woman Cooking Kitchen

Stain Resistant Properties

Quartz kitchen surfaces stand as a testament to both beauty and practicality, with their exceptional stain-resistant properties being a key highlight.

Engineered from a blend of natural quartz and polymer resins, these worksurfaces present a non-porous surface.

This inherent trait makes them resistant to staining agents commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms.

Whether it’s red wine, coffee, olive oil, or tomato sauce, spills can be effortlessly wiped away without leaving a trace, ensuring the worktop remains as radiant as the day it was installed.

This stain resistance offers homeowners peace of mind, especially in bustling kitchens where accidents are bound to happen.

Unlike some natural stones that require regular sealing to maintain their stain resistance, quartz worktops are maintenance-free in this regard.

The combination of its dense composition and the absence of minute pores means that liquids don’t permeate the surface, granting quartz its superior stain-fighting prowess and making it a favourite choice for many households.

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What Are The Benefits Of Quartz?

Because quartz worktops are an engineered stone, it has a solid, luxurious finish and you can choose from an extensive range of colours, styles and thickness.

Flexible & Expensive-Looking

Quartz worktops are very practical and come in a wide variety of colours so that it can fit in any style of kitchen – from elegant to vintage. It looks luxurious and will add a touch of glamour to your kitchen area and give you a stylish whilst sophisticated appearance. 

White quartz is by far one of the most popular choices of worktop for your kitchen with numerous options available.

Quartz can be used for more than worktops – it can also be used as a tile for the floors or the walls, as the quartz slabs can be cut into tiles, allowing you to choose the same pattern or stains for every surface – but do note that quartz worktop prices vary greatly.


The thickness of marble makes it a very hygienic option for your kitchen worktops – something that is critical for your kitchen. Bacteria can’t grow fast on quartz, unlike other stone options.

So, if you are looking for a kitchen worktop stone that won’t make you stress over bacteria all the time, consider quartz as your best bet.

The solid surfaces quartz has don’t allow for the spread of bacteria.


Quartz is a very hard-wearing material, thanks to its non porous characteristic. That way, quartz is a safer bet over other materials for your work surface.

Granite and marble can chip if you drop something heavy on them, and it will likely never chip away at the ends.

All you need to do is take care of it, and even that is not time-consuming compared to all-natural choices.

Low Maintenance

When picking out quartz countertops, one consideration you need to make is how much time do you want to spend in maintaining them – If you want a low maintenance option then types of surfaces are the perfect worktop to complement your dream kitchen.

These worktops require very little maintenance and can be cleaned using your regular household cleaning products, namely soap and water to wipe while using a non-abrasive cleaner.

There is no need to invest in a special cleaner or stress if you drop some oil on it, as it virtually doesn’t stain. Unlike granite worktops, this style of surface don’t require resealing after a while.

So, once you buy the worktops, that’s it – you don’t have to invest in any future maintenance and they’ll last for many years.


Quartz is your best choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly option for your kitchen or bathroom project.

With proper care, quartz can last for decades, and it’s recyclable, which cannot always be said for other stone worktops.

For more reasons why you should choose a this specific type of material, you can read our blog post that goes into more detail here.

Pros & Cons of Quartz Worktops UK


Highly Durable Material
A Wide Range of Colours And Patterns To Select
Non Porous & Stain Resistant Material


Top Brands Can Be Expensive
Not 100% Heat Resistant
Not Suitable For Outdoor Use Generally

Popular Quartz Brands

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to choosing your new work surface with a range of quality brands offering there own styles, finishes and pricing options for you to chooses from.

Silestone Logo


Silestone’s range of stone slabs are primarily made of natural materials, making it highly durable. It’s the go-to option for kitchen worktops alongside everything else, such as tile or sinks and one of the most popular brands in the UK.

However, the thing that genuinely makes Silestone worktops the most outstanding choice is the colour variety. Some brands come in limited colour options, but not Silestone – as Silestone worktops colours vary greatly you’re bound to find the right option to suit any kitchen design.

Cimstone Logo


Çimstone’s product range offers a more affordable ‘natural’ option when compared to the bigger brands on the market and over recent years, they have increased the range of styles significantly to meet an ever increasing demand.

Whether it’s Kitchen worktops, Islands, Counter-top panels, Çimstone offers an economical and reliable alternative compared with some of the leading and more well known brands.

Çimstone comprises of approximately 93% natural material and glass / additional hard content, with approximately 7% polymer and pigment.

Technistone Logo


If you’re planning on doing some serious cooking, then TechniStone is worth considering; a suitable option that can withstand even the toughest of demands. This is a type of quartz that’s comprised of 90% natural materials with resin and glass.

It’s praised for its long tradition in architecture and interior design. TechniStone’s UK quartz also come in a variety in colours, with beige, brown, black, and white being the most commonly chosen options.

Compac Logo


Compac quartz is undoubtedly one of the more premium brands when it comes to worktops.

Compac’s stone slabs go through extensive polishing process so it can withstand virtually anything that comes in contact with it.

What makes Compac stand out is the fact that it has a wide array of marble-like colours and designs within their range.

If you are looking for a stone worktop with a more ‘marble’ looking finish then Compac are well worth a look.

Quarella Logo


Quarella offers a wide range of stone and can provide you options that create that “contemporary Italian lifestyle” look from your kitchen worktops. They’re well known for their elegantly-designed surfaces and durability.

Besides being environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, homeowners can look forward to choosing between a variety of colours: brown, black, white, grey and more.

Solid Stone Worktops Logo


If your primary concern is to stay within a certain budget, the SolidStone range of work tops are the perfect option for your home interior with a wide range of designs and finishes to choose from.

Overall, SolidStone offers a more affordable / cheap quartz worktops option that provides homeowners with lots of different colours that will match your desired “aesthetic,” while maintaining a high quality at the same time.

Caesarstone Logo


Caesarstone is a very well revered brand that is the ideal option for those that want something different for their quartz worktops.

Caesarstone offers a unique collection of quartz that come in colours and designs that won’t be found elsewhere.

The designs are simple but unique and cannot be seen in any other type of quartz.

If you want a dash of modern design in your kitchen but don’t want to lose on simplicity and elegance, pick Caesarstone for your quartz surfaces.

Cambria Logo


Since its conception in 2000, Cambria have built up an enviable reputation of producing quality worktops.

Cambria are well know for their strength, durability and protective qualities and boast a wide range of palettes for you to choose from.

As a premium brand, you can expect the cost of Cambria stone to be at the higher end of the price range.

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How Do I Care For My Quartz Worktop?

Caring for your worktop is pretty straightforward when compared to other stones.

Quartz worktops are generally heat-resistant, but you should be careful about placing hot pots on a solid surface.

No matter the thickness of your quartz worktop, it can crack under extreme heat, so be mindful of putting something underneath the pot to protect the man-made stone but that said, a quartz kitchen surface is generally scratch-resistant and stain resistant.

Quartz is a material that requires simple maintenance – all you need is mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth to clean the kitchen worktop. The same goes for any quartz product you may have installed in your bathroom.

Be sure to stay away from abrasive cleaners and scrubbing soaps as they can damage the top layer of your kitchen worktop.

After you’re done cleaning, rinse everything with more warm water, and that’s it – your worktop will be shiny and clean again.

Quartz is a non-porous material, so it shouldn’t suffer from stains from various spills, but you should clean up any spillages as soon as you notice them.

Scrubbing too hard can of course damage natural stone surfaces and, sometimes, even the colour, so you should always stay away from strong solvents to clean your worktops.

Our Process

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As a leading UK supplier, we offer a broad range of quartz worktops at affordable prices. Simply choose your material and style and get in touch for a tailored quote. 

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For the best results, a member of our team will carry out an on-site survey to template your chosen worktop before the fabrication process begins.

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We’ll then manufacture your bespoke worktop at our manufacturing facility, made from the highest quality materials, for a professional and long-lasting result to enhance your home. 

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Our fitting team will fit your custom-made quartz worktop within 7-10 working days from the templating date and ensure you get a fantastic finish you can be proud of. 

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