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Granite Worktop

Black Star Galaxy Granite


Black Shimmer Star Galaxy Granite Worktop From Solid Stone Worktops



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Price Range for 1m2

£301 - £400


A Premium Choice For Your Kitchen


Black Star Galaxy Granite Worktops

There’s no doubt about it, black granite designs are by far one of the most popular choices for modern kitchens. As a matter of fact, Black Star Galaxy Granite is in the top 3 picks among homeowners in England and across the globe.

This material’s dreamy patterns, elegant look, and durability make up the perfect trio of features for your kitchen countertops.

So, if you’re looking to integrate a Black Star Galaxy Granite worktop into your kitchen, read on to find out more about its features and price.


The Origin of Black Granite

In brief, this is a crystalline and hard-wearing stone primarily composed of quartz, feldspar, microcline, or orthoclase.

Much like other ingenious rocks, it differs according to how and where it was formed.

It can be found all around the globe; however, its most common locations are:

  • India
  • Southern Africa
  • Scandinavia
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Angola

Thanks to this stone’s evolution and refinement, it has become one of the most popular surfaces for kitchen countertops.


Star Galaxy Granite Information

Here’s some basic information on this granite work surface.


The Star Galaxy Granite varies in size, and it comes in the following finishes:

  • Classic, polished
  • Honed
  • Sawn cut
  • Sanded

It’s also available in both slabs and tiles.

Additional Names

Although Black Star Galaxy is the name you’ll probably come across most often in the market, it’s not the only one. You’ll also see these names:

  • Starry Sky Black Granite
  • Galaxy Black Granite
  • Black Galaxy Granite


Star Galaxy Granite Worktop: Should You Get It?

If you’re aiming for a modern design, then most definitely.

First off, it’s essential for you to know that this star galaxy granite is only available in Andhra Pradesh, a small village in India, and it’s slowly depleting.

Nevertheless, a Star Galaxy Granite worktop is well-known on the market.

The star galaxy’s surface has a solid black base with gold and silver-like specks and flecks, adding to its sparkly night sky appearance.



Black Star Galaxy Granite worktops is a hard-wearing stone that’s made its way to being used as a work surface in modern kitchens.

The perfect combination of durability and beauty of this stone has won the hearts of homeowners looking for an edgy yet classic design.

There’s no doubt about it. It’s stunning and heat-resistant, but it does comes in at the higher end of the pricing scale.

However, with proper maintenance, it can look as good as new for years to come.

If you’re looking for the perfect granite countertops to match your kitchen aesthetic, we’re here to help you narrow down your search and find the perfect one.

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Primary Colour






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Features & Price

The most attractive feature of this stone is not its beauty but rather its diversity in use.

It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. This makes interior designers, architects and homeowners thrilled because they’re able to experiment.

Besides the colours, swirls and specks on this stone, homeowners can rest assured knowing that granite is heat-resistant. It won’t crack if you leave your tea mug, but don’t take this light-heartedly – it can still get damaged if exposed to extreme temperatures.

If you get your granite properly sealed, though, it can maintain a fresh look for years.

Given its features, how much does granite cost per square metre in the UK?

Depends on the quality you’re after – a general price range, however, would be between £300 and £550. 



Black Star Galaxy granite is a luxurious option. If your budget allows, this fabulous granite piece is in the price range between £301 and £400 per square metre from Solid Stone Worktops.

This black granite worktop is suitable for:

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Monuments
  • Mosaics
  • Wall applications (both interior and exterior)
  • Fountains
  • Pools
  • Window sills

Star Galaxy Granite, as well as other types of black granite worktops, make a great companion for gold/white/silver kitchen designs.

For All Stone Orders: A Minimum Of One Slab Is Required Which Is Typically 6m2. Templating, Fabrication, Cut Outs & Install Costs May Also Apply.

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