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Granite Worktops

Why should you choose Granite for your kitchen?

Regardless of your kitchen interior- rustic, modern or retro – there’s a granite worktop that will make your kitchen worktops look classy.

Going through the process of finding the best granite worktops for your kitchen might feel like a tedious process, especially if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.

To help you make a well-calculated decision and pick the ideal granite worktop for your kitchen, stay tuned.

We’ll touch on the origin of granite surfaces, granite worktop prices, as well as some tips that’ll surely come in handy once you decide on the design.

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Best Selling Granite Worktops

Bianco Sardo Granite 1 STW BIASAR

Bianco Sardo Granite

£401 - £500

Azul Platino Granite STW AZUPLA

Azul Platino Granite

£301 - £400

Grigio Messi Granite STW GRIMES

Grigio Messi Granite

£301 - £400

Monte Carlo Bordeaux Granite STW MOCABO

Monte Carlo Bordeaux Granite

£401 - £500

Panna Fragola Granite STW PANFRA

Panna Fragola Granite

£401 - £500

Steel Grey Granite STW WHITGA

Steel Grey Granite

£401 - £500

Buckingham White Granite STW BUCKWH

Buckingham White Granite

£401 - £500

Colonial White Granite STW COLOWH

Colonial White Granite

£401 - £500

What is Granite?

Granite is a coloured platonic rock that can be found in continental crusts and mountain areas. This rock is millions of years old, and its formation occurs due to intense pressure and heat that is happening beneath the Earth’s surface.

This igneous rock consists of:

The minerals present in this predominantly light-rock account for more than 80% of its composition. This is the most abundant rock that can be located in mountain areas, and it occupies hundreds of kilometres of surface.

Selection of granite samples showing side profiles
Granite Worktops@Section What is Granite Second

The most well-known sources of this igneous rock are Brazil, Italy and India.

Granite rocks are natural stones, and these big blocks have been used for years in many different ways. Besides being sliced into smaller blocks and serving the purpose of quality kitchen worktops, this metamorphic rock has other purposes like:

Key Granite Worktop Features

If you’re considering installing granite worktops in your kitchen, here are some noteworthy features you should be familiar with.

Pattern Diversity

One great thing about this metamorphic rock is that is characterised by an abundance of patterns. 

You’re met with dozens of different colours, swirls, and specks that make this natural stone look unique in your kitchen.

Its diversity is what makes this stone “approachable” in a sense – whatever your interior design is, you’ll be able to find a granite that fits perfectly with your kitchen cabinets and flooring.

Stain Resistance

Similarly, let’s look at whether these surfaces are stain-resistant.

Although there’s no kitchen material that is 100% stain-proof, granite worktops perform well in this category. 

Even light-coloured granite worktops are stain-resistant. The hardness of this stone gives it “immunity” to stains.

Heat Resistance

The question you’re most probably interested in answering is whether granite worktops are heat resistant?

Frankly speaking, this rock is not likely to melt or blister when exposed to heat. However, you should not take this too light-heatedly and proceed with leaving your boiling pots, pans and other appliances on granite for an entire day. There is a limit, after all.


If durability is your top priority upon choosing kitchen worktops then granite is the perfect option for you. If your kitchen is busy all year round, and there’s a lot going on, you can count on this material.

Granite’s durability is a close second to diamonds, which are one of the hardest stones on Earth. 

A properly sealed granite worktop will look fresh and new for many years to come. 

All in all, granite worktops are highly resistant to heat, they’re durable and rich in colours.

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How much do Granite Worktops cost?

Let’s take a look at one crucial aspect – pricing.

Before you fall in love with this material, you should be aware of your budgetary options and decide whether this is something you can afford for your kitchen. 

Generally speaking, the prices of these worktops depend on their key features, such as colour, slab, and length.

By and large, the prices for these worktops in the UK can go anywhere from £300 to £900 per square metre. While cheap granite worktops can cost you £300 p/sqm, premium ones come with a price tag of £900+ p/sqm.

Installation can also affect how much you’ll have to pay at the end. For instance, if you’re willing to hire a professional to install granite worktops for you, you’ll be looking at additional costs for fitting, fabrication, cut outs etc. 

What is a Fair Price for Granite?

Now that you’re familiar with the range of granite prices, let’s discuss what’s a fair deal. Again, generally speaking, A fair price for granite worktops would be anywhere from £300 to £900+ per square metre. Of course, depending on the pattern and slab, the price is likely to vary.

Granite Worktops@Section How much do granite worktops cost

How do you clean Granite Worktops?

Here are some tips to keep your granite worktops in pristine condition using the most effective cleaning methods.

No Acidic Cleaners

Refrain from using any acidic cleaners with granite worktops. This comes from a common assumption that using natural ingredients for cleaning natural stones is a good idea.

Buying cleaners that contain harsh chemicals and scrubbing your granite worktops with them on a daily basis can actually eat the surface and wear down your countertops. Forbidden ingredients include vinegar, lemon and bleach.

No Wet Cloths

If you’re on a tight schedule, and you’ve got another thing planned for your countertops, refrain from using a wet cloth to wipe your granite worktop.

Instead, you should use a dry cloth, and gently go over the surface so as not to leave smears.

Use Natural Stone Cleaners

Your countertops can be polished with natural stone cleaners, such as neutral cleaners, stone soap, and even warm water. Really, it’s that simple to take care of these solid surfaces.

The most effective everyday cleaning routine would be using just soap, warm water and a sponge. Go over your worktop a couple of times with a soaked sponge, and let it dry.

Is Granite High or Low-Maintenance?

Although it may sound like a lot from your viewpoint, it’s actually not.

Granite, as well as quartz, is durable, scratch-resistant and most importantly, low maintenance finished product.

Granite Kitchen Worktops Colours

Since granite is praised for its pattern and colour diversity, let’s list down the most popular granite worktop colours that apply to different kitchen designs.

Black Granite Worktops
Black Granite Worktops

Unsurprisingly, black granite is one of the easiest worktops to find in today’s market.

The range of patterns is remarkable, and this statement-making material will give your new kitchen that powerful look. 

One of the most popular options ‘Absolute Black‘ granite worktop originates from India.

It can be used both for interior and exterior design (bathroom surfaces and walls, floors, outdoor cladding, etc.) 

One of its main advantages is that it’s highly resistant to stains; however, it may cost you more if you’re looking for some high-end designs.

Other popular options are: Black Star GalaxyCosmic BlackNero ImpalaBlack Cosmos and Angloa Black.

Granite Worktops@Color Blue Granite Worktops
Blue Granite Worktops

If you’re looking for absolute minimal maintenance, you should consider blue granite kitchen worktops. 

These granite worktops will bring a breath of fresh air into your kitchen.

For example, Blue Pearl Granite is a non-traditional worktop colour that goes best with a pure white design and background material. 

This contemporary worktop guarantees a high-quality service with minimal maintenance.

Brown Granite Worktops
Brown Granite Worktops

Brown granite worktops represent yet another attractive option if you’re interested in more soothing shades. 

In some high street retailers, you’ll find these countertops under the name “wood stone granite” or even “palomino granite”.

The brown shades go perfectly with black kitchen cabinets. And if you’re the one following styles, you should know that dark brown speckled granite is no longer in style. 

This colour granite is also suitable for vanity tops as well as splashbacks.

Granite Worktops@Color White Granite Worktops
White Granite Worktops

When talking about granite worktops colours, white granite kitchen worktops are a timeless classic.

It’s important to note that with white granite kitchen worktops, it’s merely impossible to find a pure white pattern for your kitchen. The beauty of this stone lies in its “imperfections”, that is, variations and flecks. 

Other popular patterns of granite worktops include: Steel grey, Emerald pearl, Baltic brown, Sardo grey, Volga blue, Golden marinace.

So as not to go wrong and create a disbalance in your kitchen, a good idea would be to order samples, and see how well they fit into your kitchen design and whether they create the atmosphere you’re hoping for.

Things To Consider Before Buying Granite Worktops

Deciding on granite kitchen worktops should not be an idea that you follow blindly. Before you buy granite worktops, here are a couple of factors to consider.

Kitchen Size

The size of your kitchen can predetermine the type of granite worktop you should go with. 

For instance, if you have a small kitchen, you should go with lighter shades.

 This will add to space, and make your kitchen look bigger and more appealing.


Although people usually don’t give it much thought, lighting plays a big role in deciding on granite countertops. 

If your kitchen has a substantial amount of natural light, you’re free to go with darker shades. 

On the other hand, if there’s not enough light in the cooking area, go with white


Of course, you’d want to match your countertops with your “energy”. 

This is why you shouldn’t go for the first or the least expensive option you come across. 

Examine a couple of different samples and see which one matches your style.

Kitchen with and island and bar stools with black granite worktop

Pros & Cons of Granite Countertops

As with any other countertop material, granite has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go through the most important ones to see how they affect your final decision:


Natural Stone 
Highly resistant to scratches / heat damage Low maintenance


Improper installation can cause damage Requires additional structural support
Once installed, difficult to remove
It may harbour bacteria

Granite vs. Quartz Worktops

Since granite and quartz worktops are neck-to-neck in popularity, let’s go over the main differences between these two options: 

Unlike granite, which is a natural rock, a quartz worktop is a type of engineered stone. These stones may contain natural quartz, but they’re mostly made from minerals.

As for appearance, granite’s look is more unique in terms of slabs, mineral patterns and colours. Don’t get misguided, though, quartz worktops offer plenty of options as well. Here, the choice is mainly based on your own preferences and style.

The price range of these two options is similar. They’re both considered premium worktops, so you’ll have to pay a bit more if you’re looking for quality.

You can read more on how there two materials compare here.

Granite Worktops@Granite VS Quartz Worktops

Final Thoughts

Granite worktops offer a stunning range of patterns and colours, so there’s no doubt that you’ll find the pattern that works best with your kitchen design. 

Likewise, the price range on these worktops depends on their quality and length, but you can find a budget-friendly option if you really dedicate yourself to researching.

Popular patterns include classic white, brown, and black granite worktops. For more diversity and creativity, you can look for steel grey or emerald pearl. Before you decide on this worktop, consider your kitchen lighting, size and, of course, your own style.

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