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How much will you pay for Quartz Worktops?

Made from engineered stone, quartz worktops have become a frequent choice of homeowners looking for beauty and resilience.

Quartz worktops have gained a lot of traction in the market in recent years and the demand for this material has boosted significantly as result of it’s increasing popularity.

However, a frequent question when deciding on kitchen worktops is centred around the price and how much it actually costs.

If you’re interested in buying quartz, please read on as we will dig deeper into the costs of installations for different quartz options, the manufacturers, and the average price displayed along with a detailed breakdown of costs and evaluation of the different ranges available and their quality.

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The cost of Quartz Worktops

We’ll break down the costs of different quartz options to give you a more detailed indication of the price ranges of quartz kitchen worktops.

Firstly, we should note that quartz is generally a more expensive stone choice; however, the most noticeable price difference will be between suppliers.

The main thing to remember here is that you can actually come across numerous budget-friendly options in the UK and there is always a deal to be had for your kitchen worktops.

We’ll be focusing on the price range for small (3m²), medium (6m²), and large (9m²) kitchens.

Quartz Worktops - Typical Pricing

Small Kitchens

3m² of worktops

Medium Kitchens

6m² of worktops

Large Kitchens

9m² of worktops

There are three additional costs of that need to be considered:


Cut Outs & Drainer Grooves 


Quartz Worktops: Brands / Per Metre²

Homeowners should have an idea of the difference in the price, quality, and material of quartz worktops in London and the UK in general. For 20mm worktops, the estimated price is between £220 and £990. For 30mm worktops, the estimated price is between £240 to £1,300. 

Cheapest quality: £150 - £350

Example options: Global Crema, Compac Cenisa, Simply quartz

Standard quality: £300 - £400

Example finishes: Quarella Blanco Paloma, Radianz Columbia Grey, Bristol Beige, Silestone

Premium quality: £350 - £500

Example options: Silestone Blanco Stellar and Negro Stellar, CRL Grey Reflection

Premium + quality: £400 - £500

Example options: Beltrami Blanco Massa, Radianz Makalu Silver, Classic Quartz Ice Branco

Most expensive: £450 - £1,000

Example brands: Radianz Lucern Lake, Midnight Sapphire, Novestone Bianco Carrara

Marble Worktops Background

Factors That Influence The Price

Before ordering these materials for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, homeowners should remember that several factors shape the price of the quartz slab.

Kitchen Size

The most obvious factor of price-determination would be the size of the kitchen, which we mentioned earlier – small, medium or large kitchens.

Corners & Edging

Quartz worktops usually come with square corners. However, if the owner plans on making them curved, this is an another £15 per corner.


Naturally, uncommon colours, patterns or styles will cost you more. However, this is mainly determined by the volume produced and what’s available.


Although it’s not a must, a majority of new homeowners enjoy the luxury of having extra workspace by installing an island which will add to the overall cost of the quartz needed. Bear in mind that if you want side panels (waterfall) the cost will increase further.

Worktop Thickness

Of course, the thickness of your worktops will significantly alter the price. For example, 30mm worktops can increase the price by 30% when compared to 20mm.

Un-polished Cutouts

Homeowners should bear in mind that the manufacturer charges £180 per unpolished, and £190 for polished cut-outs.

Splashbacks / Wall Panels

Lastly, we have the splashbacks. They serve the purpose by covering the space between the worktop and the wall to give your kitchen an extra glam look.

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Most Popular Quartz Worktop Colours


Stellar Branco Quartz

£401 - £500

Urban Black Quartz MQZ-URBBLA

Urban Black Quartz

£401 - £500

Silver Wave CQS Quartz CQS-SILWAV

Silver Wave CQS Quartz

£401 - £514

Silver Wave Matt CQS Quartz CQS-SILWAMA

Silver Wave Matt CQS Quartz

£401 - £500

Skiron CQS Quartz CQS-SKIRON

Skiron CQS Quartz

£401 - £500

Statuario Gold CQS Quartz CQS-STAGOL

Statuario Gold CQS Quartz

£401 - £517

Eternal Pearl CQS Quartz CQS-ETEPEA

Eternal Pearl CQS Quartz

£401 - £506

Everest CQS Quartz CQS-EVERES

Everest CQS Quartz

£401 - £507

Quartz vs. Granite Worktops Price

Another popular option that homeowners consider is granite.

Since different grades characterise this stone, the price range can vary a fair bit. For example, you can come across a price of £120/m²+ and also see the same option priced at £500/m²+. 

The price range of this material also depends on the colours, thickness, and edge treatment.

Quartz vs. Granite Worktops Price Sec Img
Quartz vs. Marble Worktops Price Sec Img

Quartz vs. Marble Worktops Price

Before you select material type, let’s take a minute to mention quartz’s competitor: Marble worktops.

For homeowners on a tighter budget, it’s comforting to know that marble can be an expensive stone and, therefore, a more expensive option in most scenarios if you’re looking to install it in your kitchen.

If you’re going with marble, and it’s not a small kitchen you’re re-doing, 30 square feet (2.79 SqM) of marble worktops could cost you up to £1,500.

The only difference between this stone and quartz is that the total cost for quartz is often higher due to the fabrication and installation process; the stone itself is often cheaper.

The Pros Of Choosing Quartz Slabs

Although quartz is considered costly, – it’s a high-quality option for your kitchen or bathroom project. It’s slowly surpassing the natural stone era, and here are a number of reasons that support this claim:

Stain Resistant

A key feature of quartz is it’s stain resistance qualities. Since it contains HQ inert resins, there’s no need to have it sealed. It will endure coffee and other liquid spills pretty well.

Option Diversity

Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you can choose different types of colours, finishes and patterns that match your kitchen desired kitchen aesthetic. 

You’re in charge of your search and with the wide variety available, you will be able to find the exact finish you’re looking for with quartz.

Low Maintenance

Another advantage is that these worktops are low maintenance, meaning you won’t have to use harsh chemicals and all sorts of different cleaning supplies.


The characteristic that makes this worktop option undefeated is its durability. These worktops are not only resistant to stains but also exceptionally strong and unlikely to crack and scratch.

Further Considerations

We’ve pretty much covered all the details regarding quartz worktops. We’ve covered how its thickness, colour, and measurements influence the pricing.

Homeowners looking to install quartz for their kitchen, hob splashback, or bathroom should know in advance what they’re up against, at least price-wise. 

Before deciding on any suppliers or thickness, it would be best to get a free quotation ensuring it’s an accurate quote. 

Solid Stone Worktops offer very affordable prices and special offers which will help ensure you get the best deal for your kitchen worktops.

If you provide us with your plans we can provide you with an accurate quote. Alternatively, you can opt for marble or granite worktops if looking for a slightly more affordable option. .

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