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Granite Worktop

Absolute Black Granite


Plain Absolute Black Granite Worktop From Solid Stone Worktops



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Price Range for 1m2

£301 - £400


Absolute Black granite is, as the name suggests, a solid black granite from quarried in India.

It features a very consistent colour and texture. Absolute Black granite is generally recommended for interior as well as for exterior use to create beautiful granite countertops, architectural features, floors, kitchen islands, and outdoor cladding.

Absolute Black Granite is a simple and elegant material and a popular choice that creates a stunning look. It is a versatile worktop that suits nearly all styles and colour schemes.

The high polish finish makes for a timeless appearance that is going to look fantastic for many years to come. For some people, this would be regarded as a safe choice compared to some more daring colour options available.


What Is Absolute Black Granite?

Absolute Black is a type of granite that gives depth and sophistication to any space. The polished surface gives off smooth looks with subtle white sparks. Owing to the small variation in colour schemes, the granite’s colour is very consistent.

The Absolute Black granite is also known by the names Jet Black, and Nero Absolute.

Natural stone of granite doesn’t come in uniform patterns since nature is the one that dictates how the stone looks. Therefore, slabs of Absolute Black granite vary from one another as they may exhibit distinct patterns.

Granite is a natural stone that will add charm and elegance to any space. Granite is formed by the slow process of magma crystallisation below the Earth’s surface and includes intense heat and pressure. It’s composed mainly of feldspar and natural quartz with small amounts of organic minerals and amphiboles.

Unlike marbles, granite worktops require easy and low-cost maintenance regimes.

This natural stone is devoid of any chemicals and is highly adapted for all sorts of weather conditions. An absolute black granite worktop is a highly sought-after natural stone for a range of reasons such as low water absorption, resistance to corrosion by acidic liquids, as well as for its stain resistance. Also, the polished finish will give a refined appeal to all kinds of spaces with a simple and low-cost maintenance routine.

Granite tiles typically go through all sorts of texture-defining processes including leather, flamed, polished, honed, brushed, and sandblasted finish. The granite’s polished finish brings out the lustre of the smooth surface, making the slab look sophisticated, stylish, and attractive.

The granite is available in polished finish with 20mm thickness.

The polished texture of the granite makes for a remarkable exterior application. Absolute black granite is a perfect option for flooring and stairs as well.

Black Granite is hugely popular for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, window sills, stair treads, shop counters, and much more. Granite is a hard-wearing natural stone that is durable, easy to maintain, and suitable for a variety of uses.

No matter where you decide to implement this gorgeous material, it will look absolutely amazing.




Daily Cleaning

We recommend using warm water, a damp microfiber cloth, and, a pH-neutral detergent, a slightly alkaline or a slightly acidic detergent, if necessary, for daily cleaning of the absolute black granite. However, special detergents designed for the purposes of natural stone maintenance are generally preferred. We don’t recommend using abrasive or bleach-containing detergents for cleaning the absolute black granite worktops.


Preventing And Removing Stains

If you wish to protect the absolute black granite worktop against stains, be sure to keep harsh chemicals and corrosives away from the worktop. Also, keep in mind that honed and leather surfaces can very easily be scratched by metal objects, so make sure you avoid using those.

We recommend that you remove stains immediately by using a paper towel, water, and washing liquid to prevent dirt from drying and absorbing into the worktop. With more aggressive stains, we recommend using special natural stone scouring products.

After using the said product, the absolute black granite worktops should be washed again with water and detergent.


Preventing Heat Damage And Scratches

Granite is relatively scratch-proof, but we still advise you to always use cutting boards as knives and other sharp metal objects can leave scratches. Also, Absolute black granite is highly heat resistant, but we still recommend that you use heat shields on this type of kitchen worktop.


Long-Term Maintenance

All granite worktops have been treated with an impregnating agent that will prevent liquids from absorbing and, therefore, ensure the stone’s longevity. Depending on the intensity of use and the type of granite, we suggest that the granite is re-treated every one or two years with an impregnating agent that’s designed for the purposes of natural stone maintenance.

We can provide competitive prices on this choice of stone with free quotes available by clicking one of the buttons above.

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For All Stone Orders: A Minimum Of One Slab Is Required Which Is Typically 6m2. Templating, Fabrication, Cut Outs & Install Costs May Also Apply.

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