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Granite Worktop

Cosmos Black Stargate Granite


Patterned Cosmos Black Stargate Granite Worktop From Solid Stone Worktops



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Price Range for 1m2

£401 - £500


Solid Stone Worktops Present This Stunning Polished Patterned Cosmos Black Stargate Granite Worktop

Black Cosmos, also known as Stargate, is an extremely high-quality granite from our Black collection.

While the elegant dark aesthetic and colour make these stone worktops fit in most interiors, the subtle white sparkle makes it stand out in most of today’s minimalistic kitchen or household designs.


Durable, And Easy To Maintain

They are not all just here for a showroom – the Nero Cosmos Granite worktops are durable and will keep their polished looks for a long time.

Suitable for use in a variety of rooms within the house and the night sky look on the surface of this granite will keep looking back at you for years to come.

Not only that, but its subtle sparkle will also provide you with a modern twist to what is now an almost classical style of perfectly formed granite.


Nero Cosmos Granite Works Anywhere And Everywhere

Now, even though we say any room, you would be forgiven if you wanted to use this for granite worktops in your kitchen or bathrooms. But, with that said, we can assure you that this stone is the ideal choice for your fireplace and the exterior of your home.

In general, granite has a simple installation process that’s cost and time effective. Because of this, these Nero Cosmos Granite worktops are perfect not just for kitchens and bathrooms of homeowners but for larger-scale projects as well.

While we do offer quartz or marble options that will give you a similar polished and beautiful effect, granite has something that the other materials don’t. Well, to be precise, it’s a combination of factors that set it apart.

Granite worktops are the perfect middle ground between marble and quartz.


How Does Granite Compare To Other Options?

While marble offers a classic look that many of us adore, its prices can be steep for some, and it can be a hassle to maintain. On the other hand, quartz is cheap to buy and install (not to mention easy to maintain), but its patterns can’t compare to the natural and classical aesthetic that the other two materials give you.

The price of granite falls between the other two options on the market, but it offers beautiful natural patterns that stand the test of time as they’re incredibly easy to maintain. And the patterns are beautiful; there’s no doubt about it.

The natural imitation of the night sky found in the Nero Cosmos granite is the perfect example. It adds to the style of your designs and takes what is by now a classical (and almost historical) look and puts an elegant modern twist on it.



The Nero Cosmos Granite is a beautiful stone with all but the actual night sky visible in it, and it’s as durable as they come. Granted, today’s standards for granite durability are high, but with that said, even a low level of maintenance will keep this looking like a honed marble stone piece that just so happens to look good wherever you decide to use it.

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For All Stone Orders: A Minimum Of One Slab Is Required Which Is Typically 6m2. Templating, Fabrication, Cut Outs & Install Costs May Also Apply.

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