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Quartz Worktop

Calacatta Gold Quartz


Calacatta Gold Worktop From Solid Stone Worktops



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Price Range for 1m2

£501 - £600


Quartz Calacatta Gold Worktop

Calacatta gold is a luxurious yet practical and durable choice that features gold veins for those looking to upgrade their kitchen. While the cost may be higher than other options, the beauty and durability of this material make it a worthwhile investment. The trendiness of white and gold quartz countertops is also undeniable, adding an extra touch of sophistication to any space.

Additionally, the non-porous and stain resistant surface means that these worktops are easy to clean and maintain. Ultimately, if you want your kitchen or bathroom to have a high-end feel that will stand the test of time, then this contemporary countertop is worth considering.

Not only will they add value to your property but they will also give you joy every time you enter the space.

Is Calacatta Gold Quartz Expensive?

Beautiful Calacatta Gold has been a popular choice for interior designers and homeowners alike in recent years. It is known for its beautiful white and gold veining that looks like natural marble.

The answer to that question is yes, it can be pricey compared to other quartz options. The cost of these quartz counter tops can vary though depending on factors such as the thickness of the slab, size of the countertop, and where you live.

If you’re considering this worktop for your new space, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll likely be paying a premium price for this luxurious and versatile material. However, many homeowners feel that it’s worth the investment because of its stunning appearance and durability.


This range of countertop are some of the most beautiful quartz worktops out there.

They are perfect for those who want a luxurious, high-end look in their home. However, styling worktops can be intimidating. Here are some tips to help you style this product in your home.

First and foremost, it’s important to keep the rest of your design elements simple.

Gold worktops already make a statement on their own, so you don’t want to overwhelm the space with too many bold patterns or colours. Instead, opt for neutral colours like white or beige for your walls and cabinets to allow the worktop to stand out.

Secondly, consider mixing metals in your room design. This modern quartz stone pairs beautifully with other metals such as brass and copper, which can be incorporated into lighting fixtures or hardware on cabinets.

Another way to style a white and gold quartz countertop is by adding natural elements such as plants or wood accents. This can soften the overall look and add a touch of warmth to the space.

Choose accessories that complement rather than compete with your worktops. Simple glass vases or chrome appliances would pair well with this luxurious material.

Ultimately, styling countertops requires balance – allowing them to shine while not overwhelming the space around them. By keeping it simple and incorporating natural elements and complementary accessories, you’ll have a stunning kitchen or bathroom design that will leave everyone impressed with its beauty and elegance!

Available in 20mm and 30mm thickness with a polished finish.

If you’d like additional information or a quote then please fill out our quotation form or contact our UK customer service team to discuss installation and pricing options.

Please note, all materials are subject to availability.

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20mm, 30mm


For All Stone Orders: A Minimum Of One Slab Is Required Which Is Typically 6m2. Templating, Fabrication, Cut Outs & Install Costs May Also Apply.

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